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Window Patching Machine

product details


700 Series window Patching Machine is used to film the windows of various paper boxes.It is developed on the original window patching machine in light of customers’ requirements requirements.Our research and development team,through the continuous improved & perfect human design,let the machines be easier to operate and better in efficiency,accuracy and stability,Both basic components and major automated accessories employ the proprietary technology of this company.Therefore,700 Series Window Patching Machine can meet customers’ requirements at a higher level

Structure Characteristics

1.The paper feeder is controlled by PLC with a human-computer interface. The length of paper to be fed can be entered on the touch screen, so that paper can be input quickly and accurately.Also,it applies to card paper and corrugated paper.
2.Film Feeding Part is controlled by the Imported Servo System, input the needed Film’s Length on the Touch Screen, Saving the adjust time and highly precision.
3.The Gluing Part have been improved ,more easily adjustment.700’s Gluing Part install a small Motor, can rotate by itself. It also can be be easily drawn out for setting up and cleaning.
700B’s Gluing part working principle is pneumatic principle, gluing in the basis of the window position, don't need the big gluing plate, is more easier for cleaning
4.The Film Cutting Part & the Film Patching Part install free axial rotation,is used for various shape & position of paper window, Saving the adjust time , Greatly improve the production efficiency.
5.Based on the original mechanism, the layout of each section of this product has been improved in order to reduce the adjusting time, so that it becomes more efficiency and friendly.
6.The paper feeding of the brass pin part and some part of the film feeding ,add the chain and slider ,that reduce the noisy of the machine running.
7.ZKT-700B is widely used for 90degrees of angle window samples,has the function of angle cutting & scoring.

Application scope

Servo System :Japan Yaskawa
Relay : Omron
PLC : Panasonic
Touch Screen : Kunluntongtai
Drive : Japan Toshiba
Power Switch:Schneider
Switch Button:Schneider

Technical parameter

Model ZKT-700B
B(corner cutting and creasing line ) 3000-5000pcs/h
Normal Pasting : 5000-10000pcs/h
Paper Length 140 - 600mm
Paper Width 200 - 690mm
Fim Length 65- 330mm
Film Width 30 - 390mm
Paper GSM : 250 - 1000g
Film Thickness : 0.03 - 0.25mm
Voltage: 380V,50Hz,3P4L
Main Power 2.2kw
Power of Pump 1.5kw
External Dimension 4200×1400×1500mm
Weight 1800 kg


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