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Glue Applying Machine

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ZKT-1080 Local Glue Applying Machine is suitable all kinds of paper gluing, which is easy in operation, stable in structure, and convenient in adjustment. Automatic paper feeding system can supply paper continuously and accurately. Rolling Gluing method control the glue amount and make it smooth on paper,and the gluing shape and size are variable. The machine is well-made and solid. It is widely used in book gluing as well as other products.

Structure Characteristics

1. Flat belt paper suction mechanism, Paper feeding without shutting down the machine, checking mechanism and accurate locating.
2. Disk glue applying mode is adopted to ensure well distributed applied glue and it is suitable to envelops of various shapes and sizes.

Technical parameter

Model SJ-1080
Applicable Paper Specification



Applicable Paper Grammage 250-1000g/m2
Main Power 2.2KW
Weight of Machine 1500kg
External Dimensions 6800x1300x1300mm

Production Process


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