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Window Patching Machine

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ZKT-340、650 and 980 Window Patching Machine can be extensively used in sticking window film on various paper boxes and the machine is configured with corner cutting and line pressing functions.

Structure Characteristics

1.Flat belt paper suction mechanism, paper feeding without shutting down the machine, position checking mechanism and accurate locating.
2.Disk glue applying mode is adopted to ensure applied glue to be well distrbuted and the amount of gluing can be effectively feeding.
3.PLC programming technique is adopted to ensure accur ate film feeding.
4.Horizontal knife film cutting, stable and reliable.

Technical parameter

ZKT-340 ZKT-650 ZKT-980
Operation Speed
Applicable Paper Specifification
100x120-330x440mm 300x200-700x630mm 300x200-700x980mm
Applicable Paper Grammage
250-1000g/m2 250-1000g/m2 250-1000g/m2
Dimension of Film-sticking
60x30-120x160mm 80x30-300x260mm 80x30-300x760mm
Thickness of Film
0.03-0.25mm 0.03-0.25mm 0.03-0.25mm
Main Power
1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw
Power of Air Pump
0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Weight of Complete Machine
1200kg 1600kg 2000kg
External Dimensions
3550x950x1400mm 4050x1100x1700mm 4550x1500x1700mm

Production Process


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