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Full Automatic Chinese Style And Western Style Envelope Machine

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ZF-400 and 280 full-automatic Chinese style and western style envelop machine is mainly use for various size of Chinese and Western style envelopes.

Structure Characteristics

1. Suction type of paper pile bottom feeding mechanism is adopted, so paper can be added without shutting down the machine. Toggle pin location checking is adopted to achieve accurate locating.
2. Disk glue applying to achieve well distributed gluing and the amount of glue can be adjusted.
3. A folding mechanism with dual-suction-drum is equipped to ensure accurate folding.

Technical parameter

ZF-400型信封机 ZF-280型信封机
Operation speed
适用信封范围 Applicable envelope scope 中式1-9# 西式2-7# 中式1-7# 西式2-5#
适用纸张克度 Applicable paper Grammage 70-120g/m2 70-120g/m2
主机功率 Main Power 2.2kw 1.5kw
气泵功率 Power of air pump 2.2kw 2.2kw
整机重量 Weight of complete machine 1500kg 1500kg
外形尺寸 External dimensions 4350x1180x1460mm 2855x1000x1255mm

Production Process

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